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    I am a 26-year-old married Michigan gal living in Sarasota, Florida. This blog is a chronicle of my journey toward a healthier lifestyle! I started running in January 2009 and began to change my eating habits in May 2009. Now, I am dedicated to training smart and eating right. Join me as I seek to balance running and eating healthy, local foods with my crazy work life and hilarious home life.

    Contact me: allisonisactive@gmail.com

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Hello, everyone!  Welcome to my world.  I have been reading some wonderful food and fitness blogs for the last several months, and as a former English major, have always enjoyed writing.  So, I said to myself one day, “I could do that, too!”  And here I am!


Thumbs up to blogging… and running!

Check on the Blogroll in the column on the right for an ever-expanding list of blogs I read.  Some are the blogs that inspired me to write my own, and some are just blogs I like to check in on now and then.

Quick facts about me:

  • My name, as you could have guessed from the banner, is Allison.
  • I am 26 and a native Michigander.  However, I’ve been living in Florida for three years where I teach middle school language arts.
  • I am married to the most devoted and silly man alive, whose name is Mike.  Sometimes I just call him the Husband.  He is an endless source of amusement, and is also my number one fan.
  • I have blogged before, but never about a specific subject.
  • I began running in January 2009 and racing in March 2009 as a way to stay healthy and spend more time at Disney World.
  • In May 2009, I started eating healthier and this summer have been doing research into eating organic and eating local.  Look for our adventures in eating pretty much daily on this blog!
  • Favorite foods: grilled cheese sandwiches, any kind of potatoes, and ice cream.  Favorite healthy foods: hummus, broccoli, red peppers, and pineapple.
  • Other than running and trying to eat healthy, I love to read, travel, spend time being outdoorsy with the Husband, and buy things.

If you want to know more about me, check out the About Allison link and the top.  Also, click on the Running link to read about how I started my jogging journey.

Come by tomorrow to read about some of my favorite breakfast foods!

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