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A Word About Breakfast

I have a love-hate relationship with breakfast.  Some days, I wake up ready to eat and find something in my kitchen that sounds yummy.  Other days, I’m hungry but nothing sounds tasty.  Still other days, I really do NOT feel like eating in the morning.

However, I almost always eat breakfast, even just a little something.  Between running and my busy lifestyle, it’s important for me to fuel in the morning.

Take this morning, for example.  Before hitting the sidewalk sales, I threw together a quick breakfast bowl.  It included:

  • 1 cup Kaishi GoLean Crunch
  • 3 tbs. Yoplait strawberry yogurt

Very simple!  Now that I’m home from sidewalk sales, I just snacked on two small pieces of light wheat toast from the Great Bread Company with one slice of colby jack cheese.  (I picked up locally baked bread at the farmer’s market yesterday!)

I took pictures of these things, but failed to bring my camera cable to Michigan.  (Smart, I know.)  It’s hanging out in a box in Florida, packed for our move next week.  Photo posts are forthcoming!

I like to vary my breakfast foods, so expect to see lots of different healthy breakfast ideas on here!

A question about yogurt: I currently buy Yoplait but really want to switch to an organic brand.  However, most seem to come only in plain or vanilla.  Does anyone have a suggestion of a good brand of strawberry yogurt?

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