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I had a wonderful, lazy day bumming around West Michigan with my husband.  It’s good to be on vacation!

Even with my midmorning snack, I was very hungry by the time we drove to Saugatuck for lunch.  The Husband’s favorite food is sandwiches ; his second favorite food is soup.  (Seriously, I’ll post a picture of one of his “Dagwoods” soon – this man can pack away the sandwiches!)  Therefore, we hit a great sandwich place called Pumpernickel’s where he got a roast beef sandwich and soup, and I ordered a chicken salad sandwich and an organic greens salad.  Since we are in vacation mode, I had a glass of wine, too!  The Husband enjoyed a local craft brew beer.  Lunch was followed by ice cream at Kilwin’s, which we have in Florida but I still think of as a Michigan institution.

Excuse the lack of fun food pictures – photo posts will start when I am back in Florida with my camera cable!

The yummy organic greens salad salad at Pumpernickel’s got me thinking more about buying local foods and eating organic.  After reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, I know more about how the government is involved with our food and I don’t care much for it.  One of my eating goals, when we get settled in Sarasota, is to dig up some places to buy more organic foods.  With my teacher’s salary, we’re on a tight budget, but I think we can make it work.  After all, healthy eating is a priority!

What are some products that you feel are worth buying organic?  What organic items do you skip?

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