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I almost forgot this!

I plan to hit up Gazelle Sports today to pick up some fuel for upcoming activities.  Between today’s watersports, traveling to eastern Michigan for a wedding and then back to Florida this weekend, staying at a teacher friend’s house for a few days next week, and going back to work on Monday, my eating schedule is sure to be wacky in the upcoming week.

I never skip meals, but I am also a big snacker.  I love fresh snacks, but sometimes you don’t have access to a fridge! This is why I like bars.

I have only tried a few, but my favorites are Luna Bars:

Some of the chocolatey flavors are too much for me, but I LOVED lemon zest!

I also had a tasty SoyJoy bar before a bike ride last week that really did the trick:

That’s the flavor I had, too – mixed berry.  Never having delved much into soy before, I was pleasantly surprised.

In case I end up going a looooong time between meals due to airplane travel or work meetings, I might pick up some Pro Bars:

I’ve read about these on Caitlin’s blog and they could tide me over on a flight or a long meeting.

In the future, look for fun, healthy, and fresh snacks that I make-and-take to school every day and on our weekend adventures.

What do you do for healthy snacks on the go?

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