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On the Water

Good morning!  I was too tired after dinner last night to post, but I took my parents out to a local place called 84 East, where I had a glass of chardonnay (vacation, remember?), a house salad with parmesan dressing, and half a piece of baked spaghetti pie.  Yum!

Sorry so many of these posts are about eating out – believe me, the Husband and I do NOT eat out this much usually!  When in Michigan, however, we splurge a bit because we can only hit our favorite restaurants once a year!

Today, the Husband and I are going out (yes, again) to breakfast with his friend Josh, then out to our frient Scott’s for tubing and waterskiing at his cottage!

Last year’s cottage trip was pretty fun:

2008-07 (July) 086

Captain Scott

2008-07 (July) 090

The Husband on waterskiis

2008-07 (July) 104

The Husband and me tubing, looking super graceful…

Now, as for running…

I was scheduled for speedwork yesterday, according to my Galloway 10k training plan.  For the second week in a row, I missed it! On Tuesday the Husband and I climbed 200 stairs times two at a dune and went for a three-mile hike on Wednesday, so I was NOT feeling a run yesterday.

I am fooling myself into thinking I will run after waterskiing/tubing while the Husband plays golf, but in all actuality, I will probably be tired and sore.

I am feeling guilty about missing speedwork, but I am also recognizing that we are traveling and it’s not always easy to get the runs in.  However, I haven’t missed a Tuesday short and moderate run (yes!) and I haven’t missed a long run, either (YES!)

Speaking of which, my long run for this weekend is four miles.  I plan to make it happen Saturday morning since we are at a wedding Saturday night and traveling to the airport on Sunday.

I am off to breakfast and a day on the water!

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