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There’s No Place Like Home

Well, the Husband and I are back home in Florida.  This is only our home for another day, though, because I head to Sarasota to start meetings at my new school tomorrow and the Husband starts moving all our stuff, too!

The wedding we attended Saturday was SO fun – I love the Husband’s fraternity brothers and all the WAGs (wives and girlfriends.)  I did, however sustain a dance floor injury! I was dancing with one of the guys and a rather large woman in stiletto heels jumped on my foot; I think it may have bruised a bone.  My right foot is a bit blue and puffy, and it hurts to walk in shoes.  I’m hoping I can run by Tuesday when I am scheduled for a run!

Here’s a rundown of the weekend eats:

  • 1 cup Kaishi GoLean Crunch and 3 tbs. strawberry Yoplait on Saturday morning
  • Wendy’s chicken nuggets and french fries on the way to the wedding Saturday
  • A big salad, a roll, a bunch of carrots, and roasted potatoes for dinner at the wedding
  • Another salad and cheese bread from room service late Saturday night (I avoided the nachos ordered by the Husband and Nick, his fraternity brother with whom we shared a room)
  • Toast and hash browns this morning at IHOP (not my choice of restaurants!)
  • A big salad and a stir fry plate of beef, carrots, brocolli, snap peas, onion, terriyaki, soy sauce, and garlic at bd’s Mongolian Grill, where we met our parents for a last Michigan lunch.  (I LOVER bd’s!)
  • A Luna bar, lemon zest flavor, on the plane to keep me from getting grouchy between meals
  • Chili and a grilled cheese sandwich at our local pub back in Florida

I’m headed to bed due to my EARLY morning tomorrow.

Bear with my over the next few days until we get settled in our new house with Internet!  The next posts will feature pictures!

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