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    I am a 26-year-old married Michigan gal living in Sarasota, Florida. This blog is a chronicle of my journey toward a healthier lifestyle! I started running in January 2009 and began to change my eating habits in May 2009. Now, I am dedicated to training smart and eating right. Join me as I seek to balance running and eating healthy, local foods with my crazy work life and hilarious home life.

    Contact me: allisonisactive@gmail.com

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It’s awfully good that no one reads this yet, because I’ve been running on five hours of sleep and am headed to bed instead of blogging.

Picture posts are delayed again, by the way – I have no idea when we’ll have internet at our new house or my school!

I’m crashing at a teacher friend’s house until Thursday, so expect a post then about running this week (is it possible with my foot injury?) and how I managed to stay fueled and healthy (I hope) between work meetings and The Big Move.

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