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    I am a 26-year-old married Michigan gal living in Sarasota, Florida. This blog is a chronicle of my journey toward a healthier lifestyle! I started running in January 2009 and began to change my eating habits in May 2009. Now, I am dedicated to training smart and eating right. Join me as I seek to balance running and eating healthy, local foods with my crazy work life and hilarious home life.

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Running Essentials

Like most runners, I have some gear that I cannot live without.  Although I’m on a budget when it comes to running, there are some things on which I’m willing to spend money.


  • Running shoes:  mine are New Balance 1225 which I like for the support.
  • Sports bra:  I swear by the Moving Comfort Fiona bra as I am rather, well, busty.  It takes a serious sports bra to keep my girl in place for 6 miles, and Moving Comfort bras to the trick!
  • Fuel:  pictured here is a Shot Blok, but I also use GU, GU Chomps, and Luna Moons.  Being a new distance runner, I am still experimenting with fuel!
  • Watch:  no GPS for me!  My watch was $9.99 at Target and it works just fine.  I do Galloway running, so I need to time my intervals.
  • Body Glide! I can’t say enough about this.  Keeps my skirt in place and reduces “chub rub.”
  • Arm band and mp3 player.  I run with a Creative Zen Vision M, which is old and clunky but I love it!  I use Napster to download unlimited tunes for a monthly fee, which means I always have new music to keep motivated.
  • Hydration:  so new it’s not picture, I run with a Nathan hydration system.  Looks dorky, but keeps my from dehydrating!

If you are a gal new to running, I highly suggest you pick up some of these essentials!  Good shoes and a good bra are essential, fuel and hydration are absolutely necessary, and a watch and mp3 player just make your life easier!

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