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    I am a 26-year-old married Michigan gal living in Sarasota, Florida. This blog is a chronicle of my journey toward a healthier lifestyle! I started running in January 2009 and began to change my eating habits in May 2009. Now, I am dedicated to training smart and eating right. Join me as I seek to balance running and eating healthy, local foods with my crazy work life and hilarious home life.

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I have several excuses for the lack of food pictures today:

  1. I had a stray neighborhood cat on my porch this morning that I had to return to its owner, so I didn’t take breakfast pictures.
  2. I left my camera at school so can’t upload the pictures I did take or take more tonight!

I am still getting the hang of this!

Anyway, here’s a rundown of eats:

  • Breakfast:  2 slices whole wheat toast with peanut butter
  • Morning snack:  broccoli and ranch; Z-Bar
  • Lunch:  leftover beef and vegetable stew and a biscuit
  • Afternoon snack:  cheese cubes, potato chips and a chocolate chip cookie while judging cheerleading tryouts
  • And now I’m munching on some pineapple!  The Husband sliced it up this morning!

I am a huge nerd and have a fruit and vegetable chart on my fridge.   I was at a teacher store with the Husband recently, and he found some fruit and vegetable stickers.  He jokingly suggested I make a motivational chart, and I thought it was actually a good idea!  So, I made a day of the week chart, stuck the fruit/veggie stickers to it, and laminated it.  (Being a teacher, I have a laminating machine!)  I also have sticky magnetic strips that keep it on my fridge.  (Teachers also have rolls of sticky magnets at their disposal, of course.)

Today’s eats mean I can put a check mark next to broccoli, carrots, and pineapple.  Yay!  (I write on it with a Vis-a-vis wet erase marker and wipe it off on Monday mornings.)

I’ll have to take a picture of the chart soon.  It’s silly, but a great way to make sure I eat some fruits and vegetables every day.

How do you keep yourself motivated to eat healthy?

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