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Fruit and Veggie Chart

I’m going to make this evening entry a quick one – my alarm is set for 5:00 tomorrow morning so I can get in a 30 minute run!

Dinner, courtesy of the husband, was quick and easy:  grilled steaks and baked potatoes. He made salad, too, but I wasn’t hungry enough after my snacking at work.


Those are my fall place mats!

I also snacked on some ice cream with Reese’s Pieces after dinner:


I was just in an ice cream mood tonight.  (I’m pretty much always in an ice cream mood, but try to stick to the once a week plan unless it’s a special occasion.)

I know I talked about my fruit and vegetable chart the other day, so here’s a picture of it on my fridge:


Here is the post where I told the story behind this chart!  Basically, the Husband came up with it as a joke, but I actually liked the idea.   I don’t think of myself as a visual person, but I do like to have things in writing! Plus, it’s really fun to check off the things I eat.  🙂  It’s accountability, too; I’ll look at it and realize that I need to improve my eating habits during a given day or week, or the Husband will say something to me.  It keeps me focused on the goal!

What do you do to track your healthy eating habits and to keep yourself accountable?

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