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Long Day

Today was significantly better than Monday!  Except I forgot about an assembly happening during my first two classes (oops) so now my lesson plans are a day off.  Oh well – such is the life of a middle school teacher!

I’m sorry to say that my meals today are shockingly similar to yesterday!

Morning snack was another dark chocolate coconut Kashi TLC bar.


These bars are small and don’t fill me up for long, but they’re tasty!  (Sorry for the blurriness – I am still working out flash issues.)

Lunch was also a repeat of yesterday:


Leftover spaghetti and meatballs, carrots, broccoli, and ranch for dipping! (I arranged it so that this picture would at least look slightly different!)  I really loaded up the veggies today because I was hungry yesterday afternoon.  I think it worked because I wasn’t hungry again until cheerleading was done at 5:00!

After cheerleading, I knew I had work to do and errands to run before I could go home to dinner, so I snacked on pineapple and Kashi TLC crackers.


I promise that this blog isn’t a Kashi ad!  :o)  I just have a few of their products that I like and buy regularly.  These crackers were a sample in my box of GoLean crunch and the perfect size for packing in my lunch box!  I regularly buy Kashi TLC crackers, anyway, because they go well with veggies and hummus.

Today is another day off of running (I am resting up before my race) and I’m looking forward to eating dinner with the Husband, watching The Office reruns at 7:00, and curling up with a good book later tonight!

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