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Eight Great Things

Eight Great Things About Today:

1.  I am currently wearing a new running skirt, a SkirtSports GymGirl that I bought just for Race for the Taste.  It looks like this:

Seriously, the best part of running is the skirts!

2.  I had a YUMMY lunch (leftover pizza and veggies) and an AWESOME afternoon snack (Kashi TLC bar and pineapple):


(I know pepperoni pizza isn’t the healthiest, but I haven’t found a veggie that I like on pizza.  They all taste slimy!)



3.  We had a GREAT cheerleading practice today!  I love the girls on my team – they are all very coachable, but they’re also super silly and just make me laugh all the time.  Also, I have fantastic assistant coaches.

4.  I stopped by my favorite Sarasota running store, Fleet Feet, and picked up some fuel for this weekend’s race and some other gels and chewies to try in the future:


The strawberry banana GU is for 10k fuel and the lemon sublime and Hammer Gel are for future experimentation.  The GU Chomps are back-up fuel for the race, and the Luna Moons and Clif Bar are for post-race snacks if I need them!

5.  I know this isn’t a teaching blog, but I have to talk about it for a minute.  I love using foldables in my classroom, and I cam up with an idea to use foldables with the parts of plot.  Here’s an example I made to put at the station:

GEDC1542See?  Under each flap goes the definition so they can study for the quiz!  I just learned about foldables this year from our math teacher, and I use them all the time.  And the kids love them!  Whenever I’m like, “At Exploration Station #2, you’re going to make a foldable,” they’re like, “Sweet!”

6.  I get to pack a suitcase tonight, and I love packing suitcases! Of course, that’s because it usually means I am going somewhere fun.  🙂

7.  IN 24 HOURS I’LL BE IN DISNEY WORLD! And on Sunday morning, I’m running in my first ever 10k!

8.  The Husband is currently in the kitchen making a veggie-licious dinner for us.  I better go help him out!

What are some great things about YOUR day?

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