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Two Dinners at Disney

I’m back with more of my Race of the Taste weekend eats!

Saturday night, the Husband and I planned dinner at Kona Cafe in Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  We love the Poly, and have had lunch before at Kona Cafe.  It’ s not my favorite Disney restaurant, simply because it’s on that level between quick counter service meals and signature dining where you feel like you’re being rushed.  However, the food is still good!


There I am, all ready for dinner at Kona, with the Husband, who is still brushing his teeth.  (I wore my most “tropical” shirt, which has flowers embroidered all over it.  My dad tells me it makes me look pregnant, but I think it’s cute!)

For an appetizer, we split the duck and veggie pot stickers.  I’ve had better pot stickers, but these were still very good!


I’m going to warn you right now:  I really love steak and ate it two days in a row this weekend. This is why I consider the weekend such an indulgence – even though I like steak, I try not to eat red meat that often!

Anyway, my steak at Kona was a teriyaki glazed New York strip with pineapples, broccolini (again!) and roasted potatoes:


This was soooo good!  The sauce was awesome.  It was very tropical and Hawaiian in flavor without overpowering the meat or veggies.

The Husband enjoyed tuna oscar, which came with asparagus, friend green tomatoes, and fried lump crab.  I would have hated this, but he said it was perfect.


After this dinner, we headed to the Magic Kingdom because it was open late.  We planned to ride a few rides and maybe grab some dessert, but the park was too crowded and we headed out way early.  Besides – I had a race to prepare for and didn’t want to stay up late!

Sunday we had a special dinner planned to celebrate my first 10k.  We made reservations at our favorite restaurant in Disney, the Yachtsman Steakhouse in the Yacht Club Resort.  This is a pretty fancy steakhouse that we stumbled upon by accident two years ago.  This is also where Mike took me for Valentine’s Day in 2008, so we’ve had a few special dates there!

I’m not going to lie – I ate steak again!  (Vacation, remember?!)  I ordered filet mignon with potatoes and added a side of carrots to get in a veggie:



Now, if you think my red meat consumption for the weekend was high, in three meals, I didn’t even equal the amount of meat that the Husband at at this one!  He definitely ordered a 24-ounce porterhouse!


It was an absolutely silly quantity of food, and yet the Husband completely ate every last bit!  Amazing.

At the end of the meal, nothing on the dessert menu was jumping out at me.  Our server still brought out a little congratulations platter with some chocolates on it, though!


This was accompanied by an adorable celebrations card that included the signatures of ten Disney characters, including Mickey, Minnie, Cinderella, and Belle.  It was sooo sweet!

Whew! That was a lot of food and I know it.  I am now getting back on my regular eating schedule and will start posting about “normal” food again tomorrow!  (It’s sure to involve chili, because I made a big batch on Monday!)

I’m headed to bed now because I have a 5:00 A.M. training run planned for tomorrow! It’s only 30 minutes, but I want to make sure I recover from the race properly and get ready for my 6-miler this weekend!

How do you treat yourself when on vacation? (For me, if it’s a short trip, I definitely chow down!  I am more careful on longer trips, though, because otherwise I get sick!)

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