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What a crazy day!  Between testing and meetings, I am totally swamped!

Breakfast was simple and totally usual – Whole Foods peanut butter on whole wheat toast.  I know this breakfast is boring, but it fills me up and is easy to eat in the car.  🙂  I need to get more yogurt back into my breakfast rotation!

I had no time in the morning or afternoon to snack today because I was teaching.  When my kids are working in stations, it’s much easier to get time for a snack. However, when I am reading out loud and teaching a lesson on predictions and the parts of plot, there’s no room for munchies!

Lunch was extremely yummy and made up for the lack of a snack:  homemade chili with cheddar cheese and corn chips. Seriously, I love chili.

GEDC1649I don’t know why I brought so many chips… I ate like half of them!


This chili is so hearty, with just the right balance of smoky flavor and tomato flavor!

I use my mom’s recipe which I have updated by eliminating diced tomatoes and using puree instead, adding rinsed black beans, and adding more spices (cumin, chili powder, crushed red pepper, and garlic powder.)  Next time, in an effort to make this chili more healthy, I plan to try it with ground turkey instead of lean ground beef. I’ve never made anything with ground turkey before!

Now I’m home and I just wolfed down a grilled cheese sandwich faster than you can say “grilled cheese sandwich!” I was so hungry because I had a parent meeting during planning and a content area meeting after school.  Now, I wouldn’t mind eating during the latter of the two, but I didn’t have anything that would work as a meeting snack.

I feel like a slacker blogger this week because my lunches have been lazy and I haven’t been eating very well. When I am busy at work, healthy snacks fall by the wayside.  I need to eat more vegetables tomorrow!

Off to pack a veggie-filled lunch for tomorrow!  Maybe I’ll even include some yogurt…

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