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Resolution: Snacks

My vow for next week:  pack a snack every day!  I had no snacks today, and as a result, I am starving right now.   Next week, prepare to read about all my wonderful healthy snacks!

I did start the day well, with a breakfast of Whole Foods peanut butter on whole wheat toast (surprise!):


I actually took a picture today!  Not that it’s anything exciting.  In case you’re wondering, I always drink water with breakfast. I don’t like juice and the sugar gives me a headache, and the only kind of coffee I like is decaf lattes, which I drink on Fridays.  I really and truly prefer drinking water to anything else, and I find if I drink water with breakfast, I am less sluggish in the AM because I am hydrated.

Lunch was, I am happy to report but you may be bored to read, a copy of last night’s dinner!

GEDC1664Publix organic old fashioned oats with brown sugar, Craisins, and I have no idea how much water because I poured it out of my water bottle at school.  Just like last night, I topped it with small handfuls of slivered almonds and coconut.  This lunch was extremely filling!

Here are my snack ideas for next week:

  • Buy and have the husband cut up another pineapple
  • Chop the broccoli in my fridge this weekend so I can have carrots, broccoli, and ranch dip
  • Yogurt and cereal (I have like 30 ounces of Stoneyfield organic yogurt in my fridge and it’s sooo yummy)
  • Cinnamon swirl bread, which is extremely tasty and currently residing in my pantry
  • Cheese and crackers, which I can pick up this weekend

Gotta go now – the husband is making roast chicken and veggies for dinner!

Any other great ideas for work snacks?  Keep in mind that I like very little fruit!  And I especially like snacks that can be eaten while working or during meetings.

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