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Fall Activities

We’ve been very busy around the house today!  The husband tackled all the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and steaming the bedroom floor, dusting the living/dining room, and sweeping the porch.  I cleaned the bathroom, dried dishes, and swept and steamed the kitchen and living/dining room.

Then, I baked two loaves of pumpkin bread!


I haven’t had my KitchenAid mixer, a Christmas gift from Mike’s parents last year, out of the cupboard in so long!  I was super excited to use it again.



Here’s the finished product:


While the bread was in the oven, I geared up and headed out for a six mile run:


I was glad I waited to run – by 11:45, it was about 68 degrees and mostly sunny.  Perfect running weather!  I wasn’t too motivated for this run, but by mile 2, I was feeling awesome.  My route took me by the marina, over the Ringling Bridge to Bird Key, around St. Armand’s Circle, and back.  The second time over the bridges, it was SUPER windy and I took some extra walk breaks because the wind in my face was just ridiculous.

Between the cool temperature and the breeze, I was feeling good the whole time.  My total time for this 6 mile run was 1:17:10, which is pretty fast for me! It’s under 13:00 miles, and I usually average just over 13:00 when I’m going 5 miles or more.  The mango Clif Shot I ate in the middle of my run kept me feeling good the whole time!

When I got back I ate some pumpkin bread!


Despite how good I felt during the run, right now my legs are tight, my stomach is rebelling, and my head hurts.  (I think this is from all the sodium in GUs of any type.)  I’m going to go relax!

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