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Keeping My Resolution

Good afternoon!  I hope everyone is having a marvelous Monday.  🙂

This entry needs to pick up with last night’s dinner.  The weather here was so nice and chilly, we decided to bundle up and walk to Main Street and try to find some outdoor eats.  We ended up at Cafe Americano, which we had previously avoided because it’s so busy.  Last night, however, we had the sidewalk dining area all to ourselves! The menu offered a large variety, from salads to pasta to seafood with a bunch of side options, at reasonable prices.

I ordered the four cheese penne pasta:


This was just pasta in a simple four cheese cream sauce, but it was delicious!  It was very tangy.  There were at least two other pasta dishes I wanted to try, so we will be back.

Obviously, this pasta didn’t fulfill my veggie requirement for the day, so I also ordered a side of steamed vegetables:



So this morning, I started my week the boring way: for breakfast, I made whole wheat toast with Whole Foods peanut butter. I shook up my morning routine by also making a travel mug full of chamomile tea, the only decaf tea we had in the house besides Sleepy Time tea.  🙂  This kept me warm on my chilly drive to work!

I kept my snacking resolution at work today by munching on a slice of pumpkin bread mid-morning!


I enjoyed my oatmeal lunch last week so much, I decided to pack more of the same today!  I am really into oatmeal lately…


(For some variety, I mixed up my oatmeal before taking a picture!)  My lunch also included a fun-size Twix bar from our Halloween candy stash, which I couldn’t get to photograph well.  Anyway, it was delicious.  🙂  If I don’t watch it, there won’t be any candy left to hand out on Halloween…

I continued my day of snacking by munching on carrots, broccoli, and ranch right after school while I answered some e-mails and got my station supplies ready for tomorrow:


I picked up some good cheese at Morton’s Gourmet Market on the way home, since I bought some really good brown bread at Publix this weekend.  As I write this, I am snacking on bread and cheese.  I need to stop so I can save room for dinner, though!


The white cheese is Dubliner and the yellow is Tillamook sharp cheddar.  Yum!  (I love cheese.)

So, day one of The Snacking Resolution is right on track!

I’m off to go enjoy my new issue of Cooking Light, which is probably my second-favorite magazine after Real Simple.  Enjoy your afternoons!

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