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Starbucks Friday!

My initial plan for this Starbucks Friday was to get a cold beverage (my favorite is an unsweetened passion tea lemonade) so I brought my really cute cold drink cup:


I bought this cup in a Starbucks in a hotel lobby in St. Louis when I was there for a work conference, and I love it!  The straw is very handy.

However, I walked in and all of a sudden, I wanted a hot drink!  So I abandoned my cup and ordered a decaf tall one pump skinny vanilla latte.


This is my all-time favorite drink from Starbucks.  I order it decaf with sugar free syrup so that I don’t get a headache (caffeine and sugar are major migraine triggers for me), and only get one pump of syrup so the vanilla taste isn’t overpowering. It’s the best.  (And I can order like a pro because I totally worked at a Starbucks in Orlando for a long time!)

I also ended up ordering an oatmeal instead of a pastry today.


I got my oatmeal with all the fixings – brown sugar, nuts, and dried fruit.  Yum!  The Starbucks variety of dried fruit was a nice change from the Craisins I always put in my oatmeal at home.  I have to start buying a wider variety of dried fruit!

I ate a healthy morning snack during DEAR time – broccoli and carrots with ranch:


Very filling!

I feel like between all the fresh veggies and my pumpkin bread from a Cooking Light recipe, I have accomplished my goal of bringing healthy snacks to work this week!  (If you remember, I was going hungry last week because I wasn’t packing any snacks!)

My lunch included chili with corn chips, but I left the cheese at home to make my meal a bit lighter.


On the side, I ate the last two small slices of pumpkin bread (sniff.  Goodbye, pumpkin bread!) and a mini Twix bar!


Between the pumpkin bread and the hearty chili, it was a very autumn lunch.  🙂


Even though our income has stayed the same since our move, and our rent has significantly increased (we used to live in Celebration, Florida, which is exorbitantly expensive), I feel like we don’t have a good handle on our monthly budget.  Between moving, dealing with new utilities and different rates, buying new furniture, and our trip to Disney, our finances have taken on a life of their own!  This morning, I was thinking we needed to figure out where most of our money was actually ending up.

I got on the computer this morning and used Bank of America’s budgeting tools to create charts of exactly how we’ve spent our money the past two months.  I then set up some budgeting goals for the next month.  The Husband is just as into being frugal as I am, so we’ll probably look over it tonight and see if there’s anywhere we need to cut spending or allocate more funds.

I am a person who actually really likes dealing with budgets and financing, so this kind of thing is fun for me! I know this is a healthy living blog and not a money blog, but I feel like being “financially fit” is an important part of a healthy lifestyle!  I feel better when we are in control of our cash flow.

Do you like dealing with money and numbers?  How do you set your household budget?

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