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A Dinner Post Turns Into a Book Post





I wasn’t super hungry because I snacked on two pieces of peanut butter toast around 4:00. I made myself a baked potato and some broccoli anyway, which mad for a nice light supper!

(My living/dining room is not very bright, so I used the flash.  I think it diminished the picture quality.  I am still learning to take good pictures with my little GE camera!)

We just walked over to our local library.  Visiting the library instead of the bookstore more often is one of the money-saving ideas that sprung out of this post about budgeting.  I didn’t check out anything, but I placed a couple holds and requests.

I have a bunch of books around the house, anyway.  I am currently re-reading:

And also have this on the re-read list:

I am a ridiculous Twilight fan (the books, not the movie as much.)  Twilight and Eclipse are my favorites!

I also have another YA novel hanging around that I need to read:

It’s the sequel to a great book called Cryptid Hunters that we read with our 6th graders last year.  Roland Smith is always a favorite author among my students!

AND, there are two new YA books I need to get!

The last book in the Luxe series, to which my teacher-friend Melanie and I are totally addicted.  The best way to describe it:  Gossip Girl in the 1890s!

Which is released tomorrow – consider my students totally excited!  39 Clues is probably the best book series for middle grade readers to be released in the last couple years.  I’ll definitely be putting this one and Splendor on hold at the library when they arrive!

Okay, enough about books – I promise tomorrow’s entry will be about running.  There is also a recipe of the week coming up! In the meantime, check out last week’s:  Roasted Winter Vegetable Soup!

Actually, this is making me hungry… Snack time?

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