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A Sunday of Food

The Husband and I had a bunch of house cleaning to do today, so he made us a hearty breakfast:  apple cinnamon granola pancakes!


Actually, only my pancakes included both shredded apples and apple cinnamon granola – the Husband is allergic to nuts, so his just had shredded apples.

Here are my yummy granola pancakes up close:


I bought this granola at the Holland Farmer’s Market when I was home this summer, and it’s still good!  I love it.  Our whole house smelled amazing after he made our pancakes.

These pancakes gave me the strength to clean the bathroom and dust the bedroom, two of the major chores that needed tackling today.  The Husband joined in by dusting the living/dining room and sweeping all the floors.  We make a great cleaning team!

Around noon, we went for a walk in a local nature preserve.  In case you missed it earlier, our group of friends sets aside November 8th every year to enjoy the great outdoors.  We do this in memory of a friend of my husband’s who passed away in 2006; November 8 was his birthday and he had a love of the outdoors.  It was nice to spend some time outdoors with my husband, and also made for good exercise!



GEDC1934Hurrah for hydration!



The Husband spend much of our walk looking for gators.  No luck, but we did see lots of turtles and birds!

I was starving upon returning home, so I made myself a small bowl of leftover chili with cheese and blue corn chips:


I made entirely too small a bowl, though, because I was still hungry!  About a half hour later, I heated up a bowl of whole wheat penne with Newman’s Own alfredo sauce:


After grocery shopping, cleaning, our walk in the woods, and eating my two lunches, I was pretty tired.  I spent the afternoon relaxing with a book.  It was fantastic!

We then made a HUGE dinner – french bread with roasted garlic and olive oil dipping sauce, caesar salad, and spaghetti with tomato basil sauce.



I know it looks weird, but roasted garlic is amazingAll you do is cut the top of a head of garlic, cover it with olive oil, and wrap it in tin foil.  (Or, if you’re cool like my mom, you put it in your garlic roasting clay pot.)  Then you bake it at 350 degrees for about an hour.  The garlic cloves get all warm and squishy, so you can spread them on bread.  Wonderful!



As if that weren’t enough, we walked over to Coldstone for dessert!  (I love living downtown.)  I had mint ice cream with brownies mixed in:


I was pretty full so I only ate half of this on the walk home – the other half is in our freezer for a treat tomorrow night.  🙂

I am pretty much in a food coma right now, so I need to go crash in front of the TV!

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