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Another Lazy Saturday

Our furniture hunt yesterday was totally unsuccessful.  😦  The Husband and I have looked everywhere in Sarasota for a reasonably priced, not ugly blanket chest to no avail!  We will have to continue the hunt another day.

Mid-way through our shopping trip, I was starving, but because we had gone out to breakfast, we didn’t want  to eat lunch out, too.

When we got home, I made a big bowl of whole wheat pasta with Newman’s Own alfredo sauce, leftover from pizza night this week:


(Like my potholder?  I heated this in the bowl in the toaster oven and it was HOT!)

I was wishing that I still had chicken and veggies leftover from pizza night, but there were none!  (I need to hit the grocery store today.)  Oh well. This still made a fast and filing lunch, but it could have used vegetables.

We seriously hung around the house yesterday afternoon.  I mainly spent my time napping and finishing a book (The Titan’s Curse, third in Rick Riordan’s Lightning Thief series.  Great YA novels, especially for boys!)

For dinner, we neither felt like cooking, going out and spending money, or doing a full-on Publix trip.  This led to a quick trip to Morton’s Gourmet Market to grab dinner.

As always, I grabbed a cup of the Morton’s Chili:


Which I enjoyed with shredded cheddar cheese and blue corn chips:


I had a headache most of the day yesterday and wasn’t entirely sure why.  (Could be the Mike & Ike’s candy in our kitchen I was snacking on, since artificial sugars give me crazy headaches!)  I thought part of the reason might be lack of hydration after my run, so I had two huge glasses of water with both lunch and dinner:


I’m not sure this really helped my headache, but it was good to stay hydrated anyway!  I need to lay off the Halloween candy today

The Husband and I followed dinner with a lazy evening of watching The Darjeeling Limited and going to bed extremely early.  This explains why I am up at 6:30!  (I’m not really one for sleeping in.)

I have a huge to-do list for the day (groceries and cleaning, mostly) so I need to get started!  Plus, the Husband and I need to spend some time outside today in memory of a friend of his who passed away a few years ago.  (It’s the friend’s birthday, and he loved the outdoors, so everyone honors his memory this way every year.)

Have a wonderful Sunday!  Hopefully, you are also getting outside today!

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