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Sweet Tooth

I appreciate running on the treadmill at the gym SO much more now that the gym has cable and I do not!  🙂

Today, I watched Gina and Pat Neely make cheesy bread with herb spread, stuffed pork chops, broccoli slaw salad, and molten chocolate cake.  Yum!  The bread and the broccoli slaw were definitely things I would make; I really do not like pork, but I would use their stuffing for chicken breast! I miss the Food Network – guess I’ll have to run at the gym more often!

The Husband and I joked that I’ll have to start going on Friday nights so I can watch “What Not To Wear” and “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC.  Those are my favorites, and my mom’s, too!

Anyway, here are the real stats on my run, not just on what I watched:

  • 2 minute warm up; 30 minutes run 2/walk 1; 2 minute cool down
  • Distance:  2.57 miles
  • Total distance this week:  5.2 miles (which I am logging for the Pile on the Miles challenge!)

Before the gym, I snacked on a Chunky Banana Bran Muffin in my car!


(It was chilly in Sarasota today, so I actually wore long sleeves on the way to my gym!

Backing up a bit, my breakfast this morning was oatmeal!


Sorry I always eat out of plastic food storage containers!  Such is my life.  🙂

My oatmeal contained:

  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup Publix organic oats
  • Handful Craisins
  • Slivered almonds and coconut for toppings!

My lunch today involved leftover spicy corn chowder, and a little bit of leftover salad:



My sweet tooth kicked in after lunch, and I was okay to snack on something sugary because I’d eaten a fairly healthy lunch.  (My headaches show up when I eat something sugary in a nearly empty stomach.)

So, I had a few Starbursts!


One of my homeroom girls brought homemade chocolate cupcakes for her birthday, so I had to have one of those!  They were much smaller than store-bought cupcakes, so it was perfect.


I guess I’ve had kind of a sugary day – I think I’ll lay off the sweets tonight, or I’ll end up with a serious headache!  This nice thing about blogging is that I might otherwise have forgotten those Starbursts, snacked on ice cream or something tonight, and been confused as to where my headache came from.  Now, though, I notice that I have had more than enough sugar today and take a break for the night!

The Husband is just about done with my dinner, so I better go eat!

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