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A Perfect Friday!

Last night, Mike and I joined a bunch of my co-workers for drinks an appetizers at Hyde Park Steakhouse in downtown Sarasota.

I had read good things about their happy hour specials, and the fact that we can walk to this restaurant from our house is a huge bonus!

I had a glass of pinot grigio:


The Husband had two margaritas, which were on the happy hour special list!


We were also starving upon arrival, so we split a plate of mini sliders.


The wine and the mini-burgers were both very good (as were the fries!) and the Husband said his margarita wasn’t too bad.  However, the service at this restaurant was horrendous.  We had empty drinks for over an hour without being visited by a water, and our food took probably 45 minutes to an hour to arrive.  We had a huge table of people trying to order a lot of alcohol and food and couldn’t get our waiter’s attention!  We won’t be going back!  I’m not sure what their dinner service is like – maybe it’s much better since they’re a fairly upscale establishment – but the happy hour service was not good!

After our happy hour, the Husband and I decided to go out to dinner – we sought out Ceviche, a Sarasota tapas restaurant that our neighbor has raved about to us.

This restaurant did NOT disappoint!



Our meal started with warm bread and a pesto dipping sauce.  (None for the Husband – pine nuts!)



The Husband and I had fun picking our favorite options from the meat and vegetable section of the hot tapas menu.

Our small plates showed up one at a time, which worked out perfectly for sampling!

I don’t remember the Spanish names for everything, but I can describe it!  First, we had a bunch of sauteed veggies in a “potato basket”:


Next, we had herbed goat cheese in a tomato basil sauce:


Then, our “carne” dishes showed up!  First of the meat dishes was assorted skewers with tenderloin, chicken, chorizo, and vegetables.


Pork tenderloin with an onion-olive sauce and roasted potatoes:


And to round out the meal – spicy chorizo with onions and potatoes!  (This was the Husband’s favorite.)


Yum!  Everything about Ceviche was fantastic from the decor to the food to the service.  My two favorite were the herbed goat cheese spread, which was so good on the bread and fun to match with various vegetables from the tapas plates, and the grilled meat and vegetable skewers.

I had three or four bites from every plate and was completely stuffed!  We ended up taking home a bunch of food, so our fridge is stocked with goodies.  The Husband is already talking about turning some of it into a hash with eggs tomorrow morning!

So, even though the service during happy hour wasn’t great, it was super fun to spend time with friends and have some drinks.  And Ceviche was an unplanned stop, but ended up being a wonderful dinner!  What a perfect Friday night!

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