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Bike Ride to Siesta Key

The Husband and I took off on a bike ride to Siesta Key, one of the islands off the coast of Sarasota, after our grocery trip this morning.

There’s my new pink bike!  Beach cruisers are perfect for tooling around West Florida.

We biked from our house in downtown Sarasota to Siesta Village and back, which is about 12 miles, according to Gmaps Pedometer.

The weather was overcast and breezy, which made for a great ride.  The ride back was mostly uphill and the wind really kicked up – couple that with my tired legs, and the last few miles were killer!  (However, these last few miles included a shopping stop at Fleet Feet Sarasota, which made everything a bit easier… 😉 )

As soon as we got home, I broke into a seasonal Clif bar flavor – Iced Gingerbread!

My multigrain bagel from breakfast did NOT tide me over during this run – I was starving!  Gingerbread is one of my favorite flavors for anything, so I really loved this bar.  I need to get some more!  (I wish Starbucks would bring back its seasonal sugar-free gingerbread flavor – that was my favorite next to peppermint, which I can’t have because it’s not sugar free!)

Anyway, after a quick shower, I was still hungry and made lunch right away.

My quick-cooking lunch included a grilled cheese sandwich (cheddar on whole wheat) and steamed broccoli and carrots.  Yum!  This kept me full pretty much all afternoon – I snacked on a small piece of pumpkin bread at about 3:30.  No picture because I couldn’t stop reading the December Real Simple long enough to get the camera.  🙂

Dinner post includes a belated Recipe of the Week and is coming up soon!

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