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Thanksgiving Memories and Menu

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays we spend in Florida.  Luckily, we have some fellow Michiganders to spend our holiday with!

Meet Nate and Tabetha, our buddies in Daytona Beach!  Nate is the Husband’s fraternity brother and they lived together in college for several years.  Tabetha is his lovely girlfriend, and since this picture was taken a year ago, they have added a wonderful daughter, Olivia, to their family.  She is almost 8 months old and I haven’t seen her since August!

Nate and Tabetha had Thanksgiving with us in Celebration last year:

I cooked and cleaned up a storm all week!

There I am in full-on day-before-Thanksgiving mode.  I pretty much spent all week in my element, cleaning and laundering and baking and doing dishes, all in a sweatshirt and PJ pants.  (In Kissimmee, we had the whole week off school!  Sigh.  I miss it.  I also miss our old condo.  Isn’t my old kitchen beautiful?!)

The Husband cooked up a wonderful turkey for us!

It really was a perfect Thanksgiving, and I think our guests enjoyed themselves.  🙂  We capped off the day with a walk around Celebration and a movie.  Then, Tabs and I shopped ’til we dropped at the Orlando outlets the next day while the guys went golfing.

This year, Nate and Tabetha are hosting us at their place in Daytona!  It’s going to be bittersweet because they are moving back to Michigan in December, so we will lose our holiday friends.  It’s nice to have “family” here in Florida!

My contribution to the menu will be:

I pretty much have to make my green bean casserole and apple crisp because they were the big “hits” of last year’s menu.  Cranberry relish is the Husband’s favorite, so that is a staple, too!  I am making the broccolini and carrots mostly for me – I want some veggies in my meal, and I am not a green bean casserole fan.  🙂

Here’s my schedule:

  • Sunday:  trip to Publix to purchase Thanksgiving essentials and chili essentials (I’m making a huge batch of chili to eat this week because I know I’ll be busy and chili is easy to heat up for a quick meal!)
  • Tuesday night:  make apple crisp; store in fridge (this reheats really, really well!)
  • Wednesday:  go to Whole Foods to buy wine; make green bean casserole (this also reheats well) but leave off onions and store in fridge; make cranberry relish; prepare everything for carrots and broccolini (do all the chopping, measuring, etc.)
  • Thursday:  load everything in car; drive in Daytona; use stovetop to make carrots and broccolini; reheat everything else in the oven.  Oh, yeah,  and before all that, I’ll be joining my Galloway group for a 10-mile Thanksgiving run at sunrise!

I think this should work!  I have to teach on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday will be totally devoted to Thanksgiving cooking!  (Oh, and maybe seeing New Moon in the theater.)   The Husband will be in Gainesville until Wednesday night, so I won’t have much help around here, but that’s okay.

Thanksgiving 2009 is hopefully going to be our best holiday yet!

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