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A New Snack!

I had a super-productive day today!  I accomplished the following things at work:

  • Cleaned up my classroom after being gone on Friday
  • Got my special “Thanksgiving-themed” stations together – printed task cards, laminated examples, made copies, bookmarked websites.
  • Put last week’s homework and classwork in the gradebook (though not in the computer; it’s on tomorrow’s list!)
  • Gave out certificates at an honor roll assembly
  • Participated in a Skype conference with some teachers in Kentucky
  • Wrote lesson plans for the week after break
  • And, obviously, taught four classes 🙂

It’s a good thing the Husband is in Gainesville for work until Wednesday – I’m totally worn out and will be spending this evening chilling out on the couch!

I have a new magazine to keep me company:

And I’m also planning a library trip tonight for some new books.  🙂

Anyway, enough about my productive day and planned evening of relaxation – what did I eat today, you are asking?

Well, I actually tried something new!

This is a Clif Nectar Bar that I picked up at Fleet Feet Sarasota yesterday.  I was intrigued by the promise of two servings of fruit (I willingly admit that I do not eat enough fruit!) and the ingredient list – only four ingredients! (Organic Dates, Organic Cashews, Organic Sour Cherries, Organic Pomegranate Concentrate)

This bar was tasty and filling, but the flavor was powerful!  I took small bites and ate it over about 15 minutes – the cherry flavor is really strong, almost overpowering.  It kind of made my lips pucker!  Still I really like this bar, and it’s a great way to get fruit into my life.

Lunch was delicious, and consisted of leftover turkey chili (Recipe of the Week from November 16) with corn chips and cheddar cheese.

My Skype took up the second half of my lunch period, so I ate about half this chili and a quarter of the chips – the rest is in the fridge for lunch tomorrow!

Gotta go – dinner is on the stove!


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