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Too Many Sweets!

Okay, confession time:  I kind of ate junk today!  Our homeroom moms hosted a breakfast today and I ate a doughnut; then, my friend AJ’s class won a cupcake party and I totally mowed a chocolate cupcake.  Not a huge deal, though – the day-before-a-holiday is always big at school, and I shouldn’t have another huge junk food day until the last day before holiday break!

Also, I started my day with a treat – Starbucks Tuesday!  I ordered a decaf tall one pump skinny cinnamon dolce latte and a croissant.

I figured – I’m off work the rest of the week – it’s just like Friday, right?  😉

Lunch was yummy but repetitive – leftover chili with tortilla chips.  I left out the cheese today to cut down on the fat.  No pictures – I was swamped with work!

In the afternoon, I snacked on Hershey Kisses from our homeroom moms:

They’re so sweet!  And one of them heard me say I loved the candy cane ones, so she helped me swap ALL my kisses for mint and candy cane kisses in other people’s cups.  🙂  I had four of these little guys after lunch, which I guess isn’t too bad.

I knew I had snacked on a LOT of sweets today (I’m amazed that I didn’t get a headache – I guess because I spread everything out), so I came home and whipped up a healthy supper full of veggies!

Here we have sauteed sugar snap peas, broccoli, and red pepper with whole wheat penne pasta and Newman’s Own alfredo sauce.

After dinner, I painted my nails.

There’s something about school breaks – I feel like I have time for me, and for some reason, that means painting my nails.  I went crazy with nail polish all summer – my toes were sparkly purple, blue, pink, or orange for like two months!

What do you think?

It’s a dark plum color – I don’t usually pain my fingernails, just toes, but I did this time.  I kind of like it!  (Though I do need to get better at doing my own manicures…)

I’m being lazy tonight because I’m pretty engrossed in a book, but tomorrow I need to get to work on my Turkey Day menu!  Oh, and mentally preparing for my Thanksgiving 10-miler!

Have a great night!

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