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Turkey Day Prep

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  🙂  To read about my Thanksgiving plans, check out my Thanksgiving past and present post from Sunday!

I woke up this morning kind of unmotivated to do any baking.  However, I turned on the Today Show and forced myself to get started.  Once I got going, I was perfectly content in the kitchen and worked all morning!

First on the list: apple crisp!

After about a half hour of chopping apples and mixing crust, here’s what went into the oven:

Yep, that’s extra butter on the top.  This is the secret to my apple crisp success!

Finished product:

Next on the list:  green bean casserole!

I didn’t take in-process pics, but this is what came out of the oven:

The fried onion topping will go on tomorrow right before dinner!  I don’t personally like green been casserole at all, but it was a hit last year.  I make it because I know most people, our friends included, associate it with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  I am making two additional vegetable side dishes:  carrots sauteed with sage and buttery lemon broccolini so I will have veggies that I like at dinner!

Gotta go – I haven’t eaten and I’m starving!  Breakfast and a matinee of New Moon are calling my name!

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