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Bread and Cheese Make Me Happy

Okay, I am in a much better mood today.  I was just wiped out yesterday!

No workout today – I plan to run at the gym tomorrow after cheerleading.  It’ll be my one treadmill run this week!

My day started with two slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter:

This bread is the Whole Foods store brand – I picked up it last week on my Thanksgiving wine shopping trip – and I like it a lot!  It’s got a very short ingredients list, which is always good.

My morning snack was a bunch of pineapple:

Pineapple is hands down my favorite fruit!

Lunch was kind of junk food-ish.  I had two slices of leftover California Pizza Kitchen four-cheese pizza and white cheddar macaroni and broccoli.  (The broccoli and whole wheat pasta kept this from being a totally ridiculous lunch!)

This lunch was super duper filling – I didn’t get hungry for dinner until about 5:30!  I was making shepherd’s pie at the time, so I snacked on some Dubliner cheddar cheese and french bread.  (I’ve been in the mood for bread and cheese a lot lately!)

I need to go take my shepherd’s pie out of the oven.  I feel like I haven’t had enough veggies today – luckily, my mom’s “hamburger pie” recipe includes corn, peas, and carrots. Have a great night, everyone!

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