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Brrr…Cold Weather Running Gear!

Brrr… It’s chilly in Florida today!  Rainy, too.  I had a stressful day at work, so I’m relaxing out the couch in my snowflake PJ pants and some Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea in my Washington D.C. mug.  🙂

Many of my friends from college live in DC, so this mug makes me think of them!  I should visit them more often, but they are very busy people with important jobs in economics and journalism and stuff.

This chilly weather has me thinking about running in Michigan!  This weather is nothing compared to the snow we get in Michigan:

That’s me in my parents’ backyard in February 2007.  I’m smiling so big because I LOVE SNOW!

I’ve only been to Michigan, my home state, twice since I started running.  The first time was for three weeks in July and August, so it was perfect running weather when I was there!  The second was in October, when I skipped a 7 mile run because it was cold and wet.

This time, I want to be prepared!

I have three runs scheduled for dates when we are potentially traveling to Michigan:  5 miles on December 19; 11 miles on December 26, and 4 miles on January 2.  (These are just the weekend long runs.  I have weekday short runs, too, but will do those on the treadmill at my gym in Michigan.)

The December 19 run I can probably do before we drive to Michigan (we’ll leave after that, I guess, or I can do it on Friday.)  The run on January 2 I can push to the next day when we’ll be back in Florida.  The 11-miler on December 26 is going to have to be run in Michigan!

So, I’ve been thinking about cold weather running gearRunner’s World has a good article on this topic from 2007 at their website.

Here’s what I already have:

My only long sleeve running top is this baby from Lands’ End:

(Except mine is pink!)  Anyway, this should be okay for running in Michigan if it’s above about 40 degrees.  If it’s below, I have this fleece Patagonia vest that would probably work perfectly:

(Mine is about five years old and doesn’t look exactly like this, but I think this is the newer model.  And mine is aqua.)

I may add some gloves, too, and I know we have a huge basket full of these at my parents’ house:

The perfect headgear.  So, I’m pretty much covered from the waist up, I think!  From the waist down, though – we have a problem.

The warmest thing I own for running is a pair of capri pants, which are obviously not going to cut it for December in Michigan unless global warming kicks it into high gear.  So, I’m on the hunt for running pants or tights made for cold weather.

I’m considering these cold weather tights from Moving Comfort:

Their Fiona bra is all I wear, and I have a sleeveless MC top that I really like, so I bet the tights would be good.  They seem reasonably priced, too.

But, I do have a serious devotion to running skirts, and can’t abandon them just because the temperature dips!  I’d love to have the Tough Girl skirt from SkirtSports, but the price tag is a little high:

I love this skirt!  Super cute.

I may check out my options at Fleet Feet after tomorrow mornings 5-miler.  I think I saw some long pants and tights last time I was there.

That run, by the way, will be rainy for sure!  Good thing Caitlin had a post today about running in the rain!

Anybody have tips about cold weather running gear?  Or tips for cold weather running in general?  I’m going to need all the advice I can get!

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