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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

Hi guys!  Sorry I haven’t been around since my flooded five-miler on Saturday.  Remember the big fat list of stuff I had to do around the house on Saturday?  I was accomplishing that until mid-afternoon!  The goal was to make the house look nice and keep myself busy until the Husband came back from Gainesville on Saturday night.  The cleaning definitely took care of keeping me busy!  I also talked to my parents on the phone and took a long, hot bath to warm up after my chilly run.  (I know you should do this after a run, but I was freezing.)

Around 3:00, I decided to bake some Christmas cookies!  This kept me occupied until early evening.  Especially when, during the hour that the dough needed to chill in the fridge, I discovered that while I have like 25 Halloween cookie cutters, I only had two Christmas cookie cutters!  So, I ran out to Williams-Sonoma to grab a candy cane and a stocking cookie cutter to add to my tree and gingerbread man.  🙂

To make my cookies, I used this Basic Sugar Cookie Dough recipe from Real Simple.  I was feeling too lazy to make royal icing, which I usually do because it looks pretty.  I used frosting from a jar… It tasted much better than royal icing, in my opinion!

By 7:00 on Saturday night, the Husband wouldn’t be home for another hour, so I got bundled up and walked a couple blocks to watch the Sarasota Holiday Parade by myself!  🙂

I like parades, but I’m kind of a harsh parade critic because I grew up in Holland, Michigan, where our Tulip Time parades are pretty awesome.  I thought the Sarasota parade was cute; there were a lot of community groups involved, and I saw several of my students walking with their various church groups or dance studios or whatever.

By the time I got home, the Husband was here!  I was pretty happy to see him, since he’d been in Gainesville for almost a week!

On Sunday, I was extremely lazy.  The Husband was too.  We slept in very late, made pancakes, read, and watched football.  We did take some time to put up Christmas decorations, though!

I love our decorations!  We have no tree this year due to space (and the fact that we’ll be gone for two weeks at Christmas) buy all my decorations are still nicely coordinated.  Here’s what it looked last year when we had a tree:

No tree this year, though.  😦  Oh well.  At least we both get to spend Christmas in Michigan and enjoy the SNOW!  That’s why I can live without a tree.

I better get going – I’m headed to school early because I have a LOT to do for this week!

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