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Return of the Camera & Cover Girl

The camera lives!  To celebrate, I took a picture of my blogging area:

There’s my little corner.  I do pretty much everything else, like read, watch TV, and eat when the Husband isn’t around, in this corner too.  It’s a very comfy corner!

I just popped the batteries into my camera, so I didn’t get any food pictures today.  Here’s what I ate, though:

  • Breakfast:  Two slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter
  • Morning snack:  Not happening  (I need to stop doing this)
  • Lunch:  Oatmeal with water, brown sugar, coconut, maple syrup, and almonds; two pieces of cinnamon bread (the Pepperidge Farm kind)
  • Afternoon snack:  A banana bran muffin from the freezer; pineapple

Now I’m home and munching on this chip-and-dip platter:

(Didn’t realize that was so blurry…)  This salsa and queso are made by Desert Pepper Trading Company – they’re good, but very spicy!  (By my standards, that is.  The Husband feels that they are mild.)

Husband is back in Gainesville for work, so here’s my plan for the next hour:

I have a baked potato for dinner in the oven, and after enjoying my Runner’s World, I’ll be settling in to watch my Thursday night line-up on NBC!

Does anyone else wish Runner’s World would feature a wider variety of runners on their covers?  It’s cool that they like to show elite athletes (this gal is an all-American heptathlete) but what would be more fun would be to see everyday runners from all walks of life.  I feel the same way about Women’s Running magazine; I think most of their cover models are just models in running outfits.  I’d love for them to feature on their covers some of their real readers, like they do in their “Women Who Move” columns!

How do you feel about this issue?  Are you happy with the covers of running and fitness magazines?  Would you like to see more variety, or do you feel elite runners on the cover inspire readers?

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