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Cold Weather Running Update!

Remember last week’s post about cold weather running gear?  I ended up setting a pretty strict budget for my running tights or pants purchase – $50.  This might sound like a lot, but really good running tights go for much more than that.

As much as I really wanted to buy some CW-X tights, I recognized that I’m not going to wear full-length running tights ever in Florida.  My running capris are suitable for even a chilly Florida morning, so the running tights are only going to get used when I visit Michigan.  Therefore, I didn’t want to invest in something fancy that will get so little use!

While I was at Target this weekend, I checked out their activewear selection, and ended up finding some running tights for $24.99 – well under budget!

In my opinion, I got a pretty good deal!  It’s hard to tell how comfortable an item of clothing will be after five or ten miles while standing in a dressing room, but I have a good feeling about these.  🙂

If I lived in a colder climate and needed running tights for everyday wear, I would certainly invest in some higher quality pants.  However, I’ve heard good things about this line (C9 by Champion for Target) and I think they’ll suffice for a couple short runs and a long run during my trip to Michigan.


3 Responses

  1. I’m a big fan of Target’s C9 – so comfy!!!

  2. I also regularly by C9 running clothes from Traget. They are super comfy, wash and wear well, wick sweat, come in great colors and styles, and are afordable! They even go on sale a few times a year!They may not last quite as long as higher end brands, but that is my ONLY complaint.

  3. I’m so happy to see that I made a good decision! I may have to pick up more C9 stuff from Target…

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