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Secret Santa Snacks

Does anyone else do Secret Santa at their work for Christmas?  It’s always been a big thing at schools I’ve worked at – I think the idea is that we teachers need a little push to get through the last week(s) before Christmas.  It’s a stressful time, trying to keep the kids focused on learning and getting plans together for January, so Secret Santa provides everyone with a little extra encouragement.

I know I wrote this on Monday, but I seriously have the best Secret Santa ever!  Here’s the note I found in my mailbox at school yesterday:

So, of course I followed directions and, with much anticipation, looked in the fridge!  Guess what I found?

The note cracked me up – it’s a play on the Mounds bar he/she slipped into my mailbox on Monday!  Seeing this in the fridge completely made my day.  It’s so nice to know someone is thinking of me!  This assortment of broccoli, baby carrots, celery, and orange peppers with ranch dip became part of my lunch today, along with some leftover homemade french fries from last night.  There were so many veggies here that I didn’t even finish them all… They are in my fridge for a snack tomorrow!

This morning, I found another note in my mailbox!

I proceeded to the fridge…

This one was full of granola!  I especially enjoyed the reference to my cheerleaders’ performance last night – this Secret Santa knows me well!  I’m going to stop at Publix tomorrow morning and grab some yogurt so I can enjoy this snack!

My other eats today:

  • Breakfast:  Two slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter; cranberry orange muffin that I made for our December birthday breakfast (I volunteered to bring muffins so we’d have some healthy muffins of a reasonable size, not HUGE store bought muffins.)
  • Morning snack:  Chocolate chip ZBar and 1 cup of Quaker Oatmeal Squares
  • Dinner:  Walked over to Word of Mouth, our neighborhood cafe, and ordered a chicken Caesar salad and some corn bread.  It was the opposite of healthy, but it was yummy and hit the spot.

I’m off to finally finish my Runner’s World, do some other reading, put away dishes, and hit the hay!


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  1. We don’t do Secret Santas at my office, but I kinda wish we did. It seems like a nice pick-me-upper. You definitely got a good one!

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