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Michigan Christmas Trip Excitement

I present you with… Five Reasons I Am Excited to Go to Michigan!

1.  Will get to see my parents and Mike’s parents, along with other members of our families.

My parental units

I have the coolest in-laws on the planet!

2.  Will also get to see several of my good friends and Mike’s friends.  I am particularly excited to see Missy, who now lives in Louisville with her husband and kids; Erin, a.k.a. Mayhizzle, a.k.a. Bruno, who lives in California; and Michelle, who still lives in Michigan.

Clearly, Missy and I do not get together often enough, because this picture is from her wedding in 2002.

I have literally a thousand pictures of Erin and me (Bruno & Boots), but this one from our college graduation is my favorite!  Erin was my roomie in college, and so much more.

Now, Michelle came to see me at Disney World in March, so I have recent pictures of her!

3.  SNOW!

4.  Possibly skiing?

4.  Christmas dinner at my parents’ house, which is eaten late in the evening on Christmas Eve in our pajamas.

Yes, those are my pajamas.

5.  Trying my hand at running in the cold weather with ice and snow.  (I have no picture for this, but I promise to take one of how I look when I actually do this.)

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