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Finally in Michigan

Hello from snowy Michigan!  I left Sarasota at 3:00 A.M. on Sunday morning, met Mike in Gainesville and transferred to his car at 6:00 A.M., and made the drive straight through to Michigan.  We arrived on my parents’ doorstep in Holland at 10:16 P.M., which for me meant a total of 19 hours in the car.  Yikes!  My back was sore today.

I’ve taken a few pictures since we’ve been here, but left my camera cable at the Husband’s parent’s house and can’t post them yet.  Expect my posting to be fairly erratic while I’m here – my eating, running, and blogging schedules are all up in the air, subject to our travel whims.  🙂

Here’s what we did/what I ate today:

  • Slept in late and went to JP’s, our favorite coffee shop in downtown Holland.  I had a tall sugar-free hot chocolate and an everything bagel with butter.
  • Shopped for a long time!
  • Had lunch at Russ’, another Holland institution.  I opted for the soup, salad, and baked potato bar, where I ate a salad with french dressing, a roll, a baked potato, and a cup of potato soup.  Yum!
  • Shopped some more.
  • Took a nap!!
  • Went to yoga class with Mike’s parents.  What a perfect way to stretch out my sore back and legs after sitting in a car for 19 hours!  I feel so much better after an hour of yoga.
  • Hit a local burrito joint, Baja Grill, for dinner.  I ate a “skinless burrito” (fixings in a bowl) with cilantro rice, steak, cheese, and corn salsa along with lots of chips and salsa.
  • And now I’m in my parents’ kitchen, blogging and drinking tea to warm up!

I am tentatively planning a run tomorrow if I can fit it in, but I don’t know if I’ll brave the great white outdoors or wimp out and hit the gym.  Or maybe I’ll be too lazy to run at all.  🙂  Ideally, I want to try a short run outside since this Saturday I have to run 11 miles and plan do do it outdoors!  Check back tomorrow for a potential running update!

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