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Run in the SNOW!

I give my first run in the snow two thumbs up:

I braved the cold, snowy, icy weather today for my first ever cold weather run!  I started running this past January, but as you know, we live in Florida, so my coldest run has probably been about 40 degrees.

So, regular readers will recall that lately I’ve been working on preparing my cold weather running wardrobe.  In this picture, I am wearing the following:

  1. My regular socks and running shoes
  2. New running tights from Target (already have holes on the seams after one run, what the heck?!)
  3. Regular sports bra and Nike running t-shirt
  4. Pink half-zip
  5. Fleece half-zip
  6. Gloves and fleece headband

My outfit worked out perfectly!  I was going to wear my fleece vest, but it was at my parents’ house so I just wore the fleece I had at Mike’s parents’ house.

Run Stats:

  • Time:  28:32
  • Run 2/walk 1
  • Distance:  2.44 miles

I was going extra slow because I was being extra careful – I think on my next run I can speed up a little bit.

Pictures are courtesy of the Husband, who ventured outside with the camera!  I’m now pretty familiar with the ins and outs of running in the snow, and with a few adjustments to my wardrobe and technique, I’ll be happy to run 11 miles on Saturday!

Before my run, we ate breakfast at The Biscuit, a great restaurant in our neighborhood in Holland.

I ordered a waffle, which came with bacon (I ate one strip before taking a picture!)  It also came with a little plate of butter, syrup, and preserves.

The Biscuit hasn’t been open long, so it’s not a favorite restaurant from our childhoods or anything.  However, we discovered it this summer on my dad’s recommendation, and it’s become our new favorite for when we visit.  The food is extremely good and reasonably priced, it’s an easy walk from both our parents’ houses, and we almost always run into friends whene we are there!

We have lots of plans for this afternoon and evening that mostly involve Christmas shopping and getting together with family and friends, so I’ll be back tomorrow!

Good luck to everyone else braving the Great White North go to for a winter run.  🙂

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