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Smart Snacking on the Road

Faithful readers will recall that recently, I have taken several road trips.  In the last two weeks, I have driven from Sarasota, Florida to Holland, Michigan and then back.  From Holland, we also drove to Wisconsin for a short Christmas trip.

The Husband and I are what you  might consider ultra road-trippers.  We like to go as far as possible, in as little time as possible, with as few stops as possible.  Eating healthy on the drive from Florida to Michigan can be tricky.  Here are some tips for healthy eating on the road:

  • Pack healthy snacks!  For me, getting behind the wheel triggers my need to snack.  My cooler for the drive to and from Michigan included snacks like carrots, broccoli, and ranch; pretzels with hummus; string cheese; dried pineapple; and ZBars.  The Husband snagged a picture yesterday of me snacking on some baby carrots with ranch dip:

  • Instead of stopping for fast food, pack your breakfast and lunch.  For our trip up to Michigan, we knew we’d be in the car during lunch.  I stopped at Publix the day before we left and got some sub sandwiches.  Mine was a whole wheat wrap with turkey, swiss, and lettuce.  Much healthier than a drive-through burger!  When leaving Michigan yesterday, I packed a breakfast of Triscuits and cheese instead of having a drive through breakfast.

  • Research some healthy options for on-the-road foods.  We knew we’d be doing some quick stops and drive throughs, so I planned ahead.  When we stopped in Kentucky for breakfast with my best friend Missy and her husband. we chose Panera bread and I had a whole wheat bagel.  Also, I  had a McDonald’s salad for lunch on the road:

(This would have bean healthier if they had topped it with grilled chicken like I had asked for, instead of crispy chicken.  Still – it’s better than a burger and fries!)

  • Plan for some treats!  I packed a bag in the back with treats my students had given me for Christmas, like Ghirardelli chocolates and carmel corn with pecans.  Because I packed a few pre-planned treats, I didn’t keep grabbing Combos or candy bars from gas stations like I sometimes do.

So, smart eating on the road is definitely possible with a little bit of pre-planning.  The Husband and I are planning a big camping road trip this summer, and I’ll be putting these ideas into practice once again since we’ll be in the car almost every day for two weeks!

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