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New Year’s Eve Run 5k Report

I decided to cap off my year of running with a New Year’s Eve 5k!  This event was an untimed fun run (there wasn’t even a clock at the finish), but I set a goal of beating my own best time of 36:28, and I really, really wanted to come in under 35:00.

The evening began with the Husband “carbo-loading” before my race.

He was not running, but heated up some pasta for dinner before we left.  We thought it was funny that he was eating carbs before I was running!  (Also, he refused to pose and insisted on an “action shot” of his pasta consumption.)

I got all bundled up to head down to the Hope College Dow Center for the start of the run:

And then promptly un-bundled so I could actually run!

Mike snapped a random pic that shows my new Road ID:

I’m so lucky to have both my parents and Mike’s parents living in Holland, and even though this wasn’t a “real” race, they all came to watch me run!

Mike’s parents, Mike, and me!

The ground was covered with snow at the start of the race, and there was more snow falling!  It didn’t let up the entire time I was running.

Even though it was just a fun run, the streets were closed.  I was glad because they were more cleared off than the sidewalks.

I loved the route for this run – it began at the Hope College campus, went out to Windmill Island (where I got married), through downtown Holland, and back to the campus!  I was feeling great about my time the whole run, and the cold air kept me energized.  There were definitely some snow, icy, and slushy parts of the race – the drive to Windmill Island was super icy, and some sidewalks that we did have to run on were not plowed!

Right before the finish, I ran into Mike and his parents, who got some great pictures:

When I finished, my watch said 35:31.  I was annoyed for not making my secondary goal of beating 35:00, and initially took it out on Mike for slowing me down by following me with the camera for the last quarter mile.  However, I got over that quickly.  Then, I remembered that after I started my watch, I spotted my parents and chatted with them; I also stopped for a stroller stuck in the snow and traffic.  I let my watch run during all this, which probably totaled a minute or so.

In the end, I was proud of my time, and, as always, happy that I was running at all.  It was a great time to reflect on my year-long running journey because one year ago, I couldn’t even run .1 miles, much less 3.1 miles or my distance PR of 10.75 miles!

Also, I got a sweet long-sleeve tech shirt:

Here’s to the end of a great running year, and another year of running ahead!

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