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Yoga in January (Yanuary)

I blogged a while back about my love for yoga.  Basically, I used to go to yoga a lot when we lived in Celebration last year – I sometimes attended candlelight yoga at a local dance studio, and then after I joined Anytime Fitness, I went to yoga at my gym.  After moving, I fell out of it, but I just bought a new yoga DVD!

I’ve got some great monthly blog themes planned for 2010 to keep the material fresh, and I’ve decided that yoga will be my theme for January.  I’m calling it “Yoga in  January,” but you have to say “January” with a soft “j” like Will Ferrell in Anchorman says “jogging” as “yogging.”  This way, the theme is alliterative.  🙂

This Detriot Free Press article about fitness trends for 2010 says that Americans want unique and efficient workouts.  I think that yoga is both – it offers a workout that you can only get with yoga and it also enables you to get a good workout in a short period of time

I also like that yoga can be whatever you want it to be – depending on the workout, it can be used to improve performance in other sports, recover from a long run, work up a sweat, tone your muscles, or just stretch and relax.

Also, another wonderful thing about yoga is that it’s pretty inexpensive.  You can do it in your own home with minimal costs – just rent or buy a couple yoga DVDs, or download some yoga podcasts online.  I bought one yoga DVD for $9.99 and I paid $14.99 for my mat last year.  I use things around my house – like an old towel instead of a yoga strap – for cheap props.

Following my health resolutions for 2010, in which I wrote about incorporating more strength training and cross training, I’ll try to do a yoga workout two times every week.  I will be reviewing yoga podcasts and DVDs as I go, so make sure you check out all my yoga posts!


2 Responses

  1. I’ve started doing Yogo this new year too! I tried Vinyasa flow once, and am doing Bikram yoga (the super hot kind) 3 times this week, it’s killer!

    Also, I thought this new series on this site might be interesting for you, this girl is training for the marathon and cooking to satiate her increased hunger! http://food.theatlantic.com/stories/marathon-training-in-the-kitchen.php

  2. Yay for yoga! I remember you liking pilates when we lived together in the house. I feel like we used to borrow a pilates DVD from someone? I don’t remember. I have another friend who does Bikram yoga and loves it. I could make my own Bikram studio by turning off the AC in the summer. ;o)

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