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Post by Request

So, I just sat down to post (at the request of my friend Cindy, who send me a Twitter message today about how she missed my posts) and our smoke alarm started going off.  No worries, though – the Husband has steaks on the grill pan and our smoke detectors are extremely sensitive.  🙂

I’ve been MIA because I’ve really had to focus on getting my classroom and plans in order for this semester – Florida’s high-stakes testing is in March, and even though I focus on reading skills all year and hate “teaching to the test,” it’s still crunch time.

So, here are updates on everyone’s favorite topics!

What Have I Been Eating Lately?

Monday’s dinner and Tuesday’s lunch were pasta with onions, sugar snap peas, broccoli, and chicken:

Tuesday night we made a mess of veggies:  roasted mustard potatoes and onions; sauteed carrots with sage; and steamed broccoli.  This made up my dinner on Tuesday and lunch on Wednesday:

(Don’t worry, those are the serving platters – all those veggies were split between dinners for the Husband and me and a lunch!)

Recent snacks:  I cut up a boat load of carrots on Tuesday (what can I say, they were on sale!) and have been keeping them in my lunch box with hummus.

I’ve also been dipping a copious amount of pretzel chips into this hummus, and also snacking on chocolate chip walnut muffins from Sunday night.

Yoga in January (Yanuary)

I’ve only fit in one yoga workout so far this week – a half-hour workout from my Five Day Fit yoga DVD.  The sessions are numbered on the DVD menu, and only on a list on the back, which makes figuring out which workout is which presents a huge task.  The one I meant to do was PM Stress Relief Yoga (it was Wednesday night), but I think I ended up doing AM Yoga for Weight Loss.  Oh well, yoga is yoga, right?

My goal is to get in a yoga workout on Sunday because it’s a rest day after my long run on Saturday.


Almost forgot that yours truly is training for a half marathon, didn’t you?  I did a quick run at the gym today after teaching and coaching cheerleading.  Stats:

  • Time:  30 minutes (plus 2 minute warm up and 2 minute cool down)
  • Distance:  2.37 miles
  • Run 2/walk 1

The treadmill gives me major foot and shin pain lately.  I think from now on if I know I won’t run once I get home, I should switch to elliptical or bike workouts at the gym to still get some cardio.  Treadmill running, in my opinion, is only going to lead to an injury and I need to cut it out.

So that’s that – I’ll try not to let school keep me away from blogging any more and post more regular updates.  I’m off to grab some Edy’s peppermint ice cream (I have only had one dish since I bought it, which is a crime!)

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