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12 miles. 40 degrees. Rain. Wind.

Saturday morning’s long run with my Galloway group from Fleet Feet was probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done!

We were scheduled for 12 miles at 6:15, so I got up at 5:30 to leave myself time to wake up, eat toast with peanut butter, check on the weather, and get dressed.  I knew it would be cold, and when I checked Weather.com, I found out I was right – 38 degrees!  No problem, since I had just spend two weeks running in Michigan, right?  However, I then looked outside and it was raining.  No good.

So I got dressed for a cold weather run:  SmartWools and shoes, running tights, t-shirt, half-zip shell, gloves, hat, ear protector band thing.  And I hoped to make the best of it!

Every mile of that 12-mile run was gusting with wind, pouring rain, and freezing cold.  Thankfully, due to my wool gloves and socks, my fingers and toes stayed mostly warm even when soaking wet.


  • Distance:  12 miles (one of the girls had her Garmin and we were at exactly 12)
  • Time:  2:43
  • Run 2/walk 1
  • Fuel:  GU Chomps (orange) at mile 5.5

Looking back, we should have had one fuel stop around mile 4 and another around mile 8, because my stomach felt empty by mile 11 and I almost ate my emergency GU that I keep in my hydration belt.

The most miserable miles were miles 8, 9, and 10.  That’s when we had to cross the bridges from the keys to the main land and the wind really did a number on my soaking wet body.  Before and after that, it wasn’t so bad, but that trip back over the bridges after 8 miles of getting soaked was just frigid!

After stretching at the store, I went straight home to get out of my wet running clothes and into a hot shower.  My toes were numb by that point, and I had rough, red patches of skin where the wind was hitting me (thighs, stomach, arms.)

It took a warm shower, a bowl of oatmeal and mug of hot chocolate, and 2.5 hours of wearing two layers of clothes and sitting under four blankets to feel warm again.  I’m pretty sore today (need to stretch my hips and IT band!) but other than that, I’m feeling okay.

So, I don’t recommend going for a 12-mile run on a 40-degree, windy, rainy day.  But, if you know you’ve got to do it, I highly suggest you run with several good friends.  My Galloway people keep me going!


4 Responses

  1. I give you all sorts of credit for going, but like you said, you had to do it since your friends were!! At this point, under blankets, warm, etc. I hope you feel better and know it was totally worth it!

  2. It’s all going to be worth it when I run through the Cinderella Castle, cross that finish line, and get a tiara medal hung around my neck!

  3. Keep that tiara in mind. It makes me feel a bit bad for whining about how cold the pool water was when I jumped in this afternoon…

    The good news is that the sauna is now fixed at Dow, so that makes for warmth after swimming.

    Really good to hear about your 12 miles. Is that your longest distance ever? Good thing you had those MI miles to prepare you, but the rain still sounds UGLY.

    Hugs, M

  4. It is my longest distance ever! The miles I logged up in Michigan definitely prepared me to run in the cold, but the rain and wind really were killer. I’ll take a run in the snow over a run in the rain any day!

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