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I’ll admit it – I have been one big ball of stress lately.  I feel like I am not accomplishing anything in my classroom at school because of all the interruptions.  Planning time is a joke; I almost always have another commitment during that 45 minutes.  I have a long list of goals that I want to accomplish this week, and none of them are getting done.

I’ve even gone so far as to bring work home.  I normally have a strict policy against this, but feel like I’m down to the wire on some deadlines.  However, I couldn’t bring myself to get things done at home, either!  Unlike some teachers, I like to leave my work at school and be in relaxation mode at home.

Today, I decided to seek out a third place, neither my home nor school, to accomplish some work and – Success!  There is a Panera near my school, and it turned out to be the perfect place to work for a while.  I had a tasty snack and spread out in a booth.  I accomplished in an hour what it would have taken me several hours to do at school.  I may try this more often!

My snack at Panera was a “you pick two” with tomato soup and macaroni and cheese.  I chose the apple for my side – did you know you can do this?  They automatically give you French bread, but if you ask, you can have a whole grain baguette or apple.  (My apple came home with me and is being saved for an oatmeal additive later this week!


Um, have you had Panera’s mac and cheese?  If not, go get some NOW because it is to die for!  It is exactly the creamy, gooey treat that mac and cheese are meant to me!  I have been going to Panera way more since they introduced it.


An afternoon at Panera with some comfort food was exactly what I needed!  I feel like I can now face the rest of the week.  Some of my stress has definitely been alleviated!

Running News

I haven’t mentioned running much the last few days, have I?  I know I said yesterday that my number one goal for today was to run, but it looks as if that isn’t going to happen for a number of reasons:

  • I am still hungry after my Panera snack and want to eat dinner with the Husband
  • My right hip is still sore after this weekend’s 12–miler, even though I stretched it and rolled it out at the gym on Monday
  • My throat is feeling lumpy and scratchy and my joints achy; this calls for an early night

If I am feeling up to it, I’ll hit the gym for a non-running workout tomorrow after cheerleading practice.  I think my body needs more time to recover after 12 soggy, freezing miles this weekend!  I am trying not to beat myself up about skipping a few days because I know it’s better to rest in the long run – after all, my philosophy is all about training SMARTER, not HARDER!

I am off to grab some dinner with the Husband.  See you tomorrow!

Any ideas for a non-running workout at the gym?  I biked on Monday and want to do something different tomorrow!


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  1. I love Panera but I have never had their mac and cheese! It looks like creamy deliciousness…TWSS

  2. Oh my gosh, it is SO good. I tried it on a whim when I was shopping on Black Friday, and I’ve been going to Panera all the time ever since!

  3. you must be very patient with your peanut butter, if you are rushing that’s when you spill it, honestly some days it takes me 5-10 minutes to get that sucker stirred up!

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