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Winter Warrior

Happy Monday, everyone!  It’s an especially happy Monday for me because I’m off work today.  Tomorrow is kind of an “off” day, too – I have to be at school, but the kids won’t be there.  It’s a professional development day.  Those are always fun because I get to learn something new and spend time with my teaching team.  Plus, they are very relaxed days.  Yay!

What’s on the list for today?

  • Clean our bathroom, wash sheets and towels, and clean the kitchen counters, walls, and floor.
  • Read!
  • Schedule dentist appointments for spring break
  • Run!

On the running note, I’m going to try something new.  Fleet Feet Sarasota is pairing up with Mizuno for a Winter Warrior Event.

Basically, every time you show up at their store for a run (Mondays and Thursdays at 6 P.M. and Saturday at 7 A.M.) you can earn points.  They are giving out lots of point level prizes, and the two people (male and female) with the highest points at the end of 12 weeks win a FREE pair of Mizuno shoes!

I have never run in Mizuno shoes, but the Mizuno bus will be there to night so we can try on and test their shoes.  I don’t normally run at Fleet Feet during this week, but I can alter my schedule to run outside, meet new people, and win some prizess

Yesterday’s Workout

Sunday is a rest day on my training plan, owing to frequent Saturday long runs.  By dinner time, after sitting around all day reading and then eating salad, steak, and mashed potatoes for dinner, I wanted to get up and out!  So, I talked the husband into walking the bridge with me!

  • Distance:  4.25 miles
  • Time:  1:20 (it was a leisurely walk and we stopped to look at sculptures on the bay front)

Despite our slow pace, I worked up a bit of a sweat and my legs definitely felt it.  I stretched for a long time when we got home, trying to work out some of the pain in my right hip that I’ve been having lately.  (It is definitely time for new shoes.)

Have a great Monday, everyone!  I’ll be back tonight with a post about trying on Mizuno shoes and my first Winter Warrior run.

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