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Yoga in January (Yanuary), Parts III and IV

A day off school means lots of time to relax, and that means YOGA!  I’ve got a couple of reviews for my Yoga in January series for you.

Part III:  A.M. and P.M. Yoga by Gaiam

I rented this yoga DVD recently and tried A.M. Yoga this morning.  Loved it!  The A.M. workout included 3 minutes of relaxation, 12 minutes of yoga workout, and 2 minutes of meditation.  That’s 17 minutes total, and I think 17 minutes would be easy to fit into a work day.


The instructions were very clear, although it moved fast.  I would have liked to stay in some of the poses for longer, but when fitting yoga into a busy work day, a quick series of stretches is probably a good thing.

I’m eager to try to P.M. Yoga workout later this week!

Part IV:  Runner’s Yoga from Women’s Running Magazine

Women’s Running magazine is one of two running publications that I buy every month (the other is Runner’s World) and I really love a lot of their features.  They truly make running accessible to everyone, and offer timely information to beginning, intermediate, and advanced runners.

The January/February 2010 issue includes a great article with lots of pictures on yoga for runners:



I gave their Perfect Post-Run Yoga poses a try after my four-mile run this evening and I was impressed!  My tired legs got exactly the stretch they needed, and some of the poses especially stretched out my sore hips.  That lying twist was especially perfect!  My back and shoulders also felt wonderful after the stretches, which is a rarity for me because I have some major shoulder problems.

By the way, here are the only two yoga tools I own:


I paid $14.99 for the mat at Target last year when I first started doing yoga, and the old beach towel functions as all the other props you sometimes need in yoga: a yoga strap and a pillow or folded blanket. 

When I am doing a workout that suggests yoga blocks, I grab some thick books off our shelf.  Seriously.  I was an English major; The Riverside Chaucer and The Riverside Shakespeare make great yoga blocks, and what else are they doing but gathering dust these days?!

Watch for more Yoga in January (Yanuary) posts later this week!  I will definitely be giving the P.M. Yoga workout a try at least one day since, with state testing coming up, school is stressing me out to the max!

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