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How to Run Disney: Tips on Getting Started

A few readers have contacted me on Twitter or by e-mail to ask about running Disney.  Disney races are my absolute favorite events: the crowds are HUGE and super excited, and the support from other runners on the course can’t be beat.  Everyone at Disney races is so friendly and positive, and their medals are the best!  You even get a medal for running a 5k at Disney, which is awesome.

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Here’s some advice about running Disney!

Getting Started Running

If reading about this year’s Disney Marathon Weekend has you motivated to participate in a Disney event, there’s no time like now to get up an move!  Set a goal, register for an event (see below), and put together a training program.  Check out an online training program to get started:

I didn’t follow a specific training plan when I ran my first 5k at Disney, but used Jeff Galloway’s 10k training program for Race for the Taste.  I’m also training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon with a Galloway group.


Getting Support

When you’re training for your first Disney race, it’s crucial to have lots of support!  When I first started training for a Disney event, I spent two months working up to running 3 miles.  I hit a new milestone pretty much every week, which kept me motivated and excited for my run.  If you’re training for a longer event for a longer time, you will definitely need some buddies to keep you going. 

Obviously, my first line of support was the Husband, who comes to all my races and cheers me on.


However, my running journey has also been very dependant on online support.  The WISH forums on the Dis Boards and the people at Running of the Ears provide me with information and encouragement, and have really inspired me to continue running.  WISH is probably the reason that I actually made it to the starting line of Disney’s Royal Family 5k, my first race ever.  If you are looking for information about Disney races and support once you sign up, WISH and ROTE are the places to be!  Sign up and introduce yourself as soon as you sign up for a Disney race!

Disney-specific Information and Registration

The Disney Endurance page is the source for official information on Disney running events.  Whether you’re interested in 5k family fun runs, kids races, or Disney’s Marathon Weekend, the official Disney page has lot of good details.  There, you can find out all the details, register for races, and get deals on hotel rooms and tickets for runners.

Disney events are really, really well organized and their website is a perfect first step in your journey.

Getting Pumped!

Watching videos of Disney races and reading other runners race reports for Disney always get me excited to run Disney.    Here are some good ones:

The best advice I can offer to someone who wants to run Disney is to keep that Cinderella castle in your mind’s eye every time you run.  When I feel like quitting or giving up, I picture running through the castle and crossing the finish line at Epcot and I feel instantly motivated.  Some people have a mantra, I just imagine how I feel every time I cross the finish line at Disney.  I hope my tips have inspired you to sign up for your first Disney event!


4 Responses

  1. That was so fun and full of good info! Was the Royal Family one of the runs you did in 2009?

    Hope you are having a good week! Hugs!

  2. Yes, Disney’s Royal Family 5k is the first race I ever did – that’s the one from March of this year.

  3. Hey I came over here from your comment on Meghann’s blog and I wanted to say hi. I think we’re in similar places in our running journey. I did my first 10k last year and I just signed up for my first half. I run at about the same speed you do, and it’s SO refreshing to read about slower runners. Sometimes I get bummed out that I can’t do 10-minute miles, forget about 8 min. But I get out there and that’s what matters! I almost signed up for the Disney (in CA) half but for money reasons I decided to do the one where I live (San Diego) instead. I’m sure I’ll do a Disney race at some point…they seem so fun!

  4. Slow and steady wins the race! I always love to meet other middle- and back-of-the-packers. 🙂 The Disney races are WAY expensive, but if you ever get a chance to do one, it is definitely worth it. Have fun at your half marathon!

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