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Weekend (Running) Schedule

This weekend, I’ll be running 13 miles with my Galloway group!  This will be a new personal distance record for me!    Remember the first time I hit double digits?!


We’ll be running on Sunday instead of Saturday, partly because I am attending a “Gear Up for Grad School” day at USF Sarasota.  One of my goals in the near future, and in fact one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year, is to apply to Grad school.  I would really like to get my master’s in English and maybe teach college some day.

At the “Gear up for Grad School” even, I’ll be going to a seminar on how to finance grad school (a major concern on a teacher’s salary) and taking a practice GRE.  This test scares me a lot, but I’ll feel better after a practice test, I’m sure.  Or maybe I’ll be more freaked out!

Saturday after the USF event, I’ll be shopping for new running shoes.  Due to the recommendations of some friends (hi Josh!  Hi Jenn!), I’m going to try on Brooks stability shoes.  I’m excited to try a new brand!

I’ll be back on Saturday with a post about my shoe shopping extravaganza.  I’m going to try to take my camera to our run on Sunday and get some pictures of my running friends, too!  Lastly, I just bought a couple Bondi Bands.  I plan to try one out for my run on Sunday (after I figure out how to wear it…) and have a review for you soon.  More Yoga in January (Yanuary) is coming up this weekend, too!  Stay tuned!


3 Responses

  1. Good luck with the 13 miler!! I can’t wait to get back to FL so I can run outside. 30 degree running just isn’t me 🙂

  2. Haha, no, I’m not sure I could manage 13 in 30 degree weather, either! I enjoyed several short runs in the snow around Christmas when we visited our family in Michigan, but longer than an hour and I would turn into a Popsicle.

    The downside to Florida running is, of course, the heat in the summer. That’s when I hit the treadmill more often!

  3. Have fun on your 13 miler! I’ve been on the lookout for those Bondi bands!

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