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Thrilling Thirteen

I am so pumped: I ran 13 miles this morning!  That is almost the length of a half marathon (and what’s .1 miles, really?) so now I know I can do this half marathon for sure!


  • Distance: 13.0 miles
  • Time:  2:59:48 (Very slow!  I left my watch running for water, bathroom, stretching, and GU breaks to get an accurate idea of our potential race time)
  • Walk 2/run 1
  • Fuel:  Half packet of GU chomps at mile 5, the rest at mile 8ish, I think!

I was kind of dragging on this run; I don’t know what the problem was.  Luckily, I had my Galloway group to pull me through:


This is Whitney, 1/3 of my group for the 13.1 + 13.1 = 26.2 Crew!  Sue didn’t make it today. 


This is the lone gentleman who has stuck it out, Bill.  He is awesome, and puts up with running with several girls each week.


That’s Merit on the left.  She’s our fearless leader and will also be at both the Princess Half and the Sarasota Half.

Nobody even complained about me busting out the camera after 13 miles!  (You can see my new Bondi Band in the pictures – a review is coming later today!) 

Note to self: I do not look very good after 13 miles.  I need to do something about this for the Princess half so I can look beautiful in medal pictures.

Since my run, I’ve been eating a lot (oatmeal, banana, English muffin, spaghetti and garlic bread), napping, and relaxing.  I’m off to do more of the same!


3 Responses

  1. Congrats on the 13 miles! You are going to rock your half!

  2. So exciting to hear about your progress. I hope the Husband is cooking you some delicious treats to celebrate…or maybe just some ice cream!! Hugs to you both…

  3. You can always have a clean shirt for the medal pics!! M can hold it for you.

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