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February Theme: Weekday Workouts

Confession: I have been a running slacker lately.  Aside from my Saturday long runs, I don’t even feel like I’m training for a half marathon.

This situation has occured for a number of reasons.

  1. I am super busy at work planning for five classes instead of four, preparing my kids for the FCAT and myself for the GRE, getting geared up for re-enrollment, and completing my Florida Reading Endorsement.
  2. My house doesn’t clean itself, unfortunately, although my husband does a lot of the housework.
  3. My perpetual minor-but-nagging running injuries keep me off my feet during the week: sore knees, sore hips, and blisters.  I rest so much during the week so I can be ready for my long run every Saturday.

My lack of weekday runs is really affecting my stress level.  Even though it’s hard to fit running into my busy day, I always feel better after I run.  Running helps me stay calm and relieves stress; I often come up with ideas to deal with roadblocks and difficult situations in my personal and professional life when I’m running.  I also feel like it’s affecting my fitness level; this is the least I have run since I started running, and I hate it.

For this reason, I am dedicating February to Weekday Workouts.  I really have to focus this month on following the final weeks of my Galloway half marathon training plan.  This calls for:

  • One long run every week (I do this every week, so it’s not an issue)
  • Two short runs every week (about 30 minutes)
  • One day of running and/or cross training every week

My number one goal is to finish the Disney Princess Half Marathon feeling strong and beautiful with a huge smile on my face.  My secondary goal is to rediscover the joy of short weekday runs where I run not for time or for distance or really for training, but just to get out of the house and RUN.  I miss those days.

Here are the steps I plan to take to accomplish my goals of fitting in three weekday workouts, two of which involve running:

  1. Leave work by 5:30 every day.  (This seems like it would be simple since I usually get to work around 7:30 and that’s ten hours of work, but sometimes ten hours just isn’t enough!  Sigh.)
  2. Pack a healthy afternoon snack so I don’t skip gym workouts just because I’m hungry and want to go home for dinner.  A lot of days I plan to hit the gym, am too hungry, and go home to make dinner.  But then I don’t do anything after dinner!
  3. Run after dinner two evenings every week.
  4. Avoid running on the treadmill!  This just creates more injuries that prevent me from running.

What are your best tips for fitting in weekday runs and workouts? 



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  1. Love your blog! Running or in my case, walking outdoors in the winter in West Michigan is not easy, so I bought a treadmill this winter. Am I going to have trouble with injuries if I just walk? What do you think of elliptical machines vs. treadmills?

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