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Tremendous Twelve

Hi, everyone!  Remember how I was really lacking motivation last week?  Well, I ended up having a wonderful run on Saturday and my motivation is back!

This 12–miler was way better than the last time I ran 12 miles.  The first four miles, I was plagued by shin pain and feeling really grouchy, but I took a stretch break at our first two water stops and felt much better.  And I made sure to stretch a LOT when we got done with our run – I sat at Fleet Feet for about 15 minutes stretching and drinking an After Glow recover drink that Pat made for me.  (I’ve never had a recover drink before, but it tasted pretty good and I felt good all day, so maybe it helped!)

Run Stats:

  • Distance: 12 miles
  • Time: 2:29
  • Run 2/Walk 1
  • Fuel:  Package of GU Chomps (orange) after one hour and another half package after two hours

I have a great picture of my running girls (Whitney and Sue) and me at the halfway point in our run, but it’s on my phone!  I am unclear on how to get phone pictures onto my computer because I am not that high tech.

After my run, stretch, recovery drink, and a bagel, I drove up to Treasure Island (near St. Petersburg, Florida) to spend the day with my friend from college, Bristen, who was visiting her parents’ condo.


We found a store that made “wine freezes,” which are basically frozen drinks made with wine.  So, we had to try the pina colada flavor (we split it) and it was so tasty!  I had a mixed drink with lunch, too.  When you run 12 miles, you deserve a mixed drink with lunch!  Even though it wasn’t good weather so we couldn’t hit the beach, I had fun catching up with Bristen!  Our friend Kristen is getting married this summer, so I’m really looking forward to seeing lots of my college friends and sorority sisters in July.

I feel surprisingly good today – much better than the day after my last 12–miler – and even though my blisters were bad after the run, they are healing nicely today!  It’s been a chore day around the house; so far, I have been to Target and Publix, folded laundry, and washed the sheets.  I still need to dust and clean the bathroom as well.

I hope everyone else’s weekend runs were as wonderful as mine was!


5 Responses

  1. Good for you!! So glad that today’s run went well for you. And fun times with Bristen…a bonus day!!

  2. Treasure Island? Did you have a peanut butter sandwich and go swimming? 😉

  3. If that run hadn’t been good, I don’t know what I would have done! I really needed a fun run.

  4. Is that where that happened? I remember the event occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, but I didn’t know where. I did eat peanut butter toast that morning, but it was unfortunately too cold to swim. I am the only person to every live in Florida for almost four years and never go to the beach.

  5. Yep. The Buccaneer Motel on Treasure Island. Probably 1986 or so…

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